Benefits and Applications of a Mistex Pad or Mesh Pad

What are Mistex Pads and How Do They Work?

Mist Extractors in Separator PackagesMistex pads, also known as demister pads, mist eliminators, or mesh pads, are typically used in separators. They are designed to eliminate liquid droplets and mist from carrying over into gas or a vapour stream outlet. They are made using a mesh of a variety of materials, but primarily from stainless steel or stainless steel alloys for the oil and gas industry. They are created in many shapes such as round, rectangular, ring, and more according to the requirements.

When purchasing an oil and gas separator, buyers often overlook the mist extractor. However, it helps to know what things to consider when buying one. Read on to learn more about the benefits and applications of mistex pads.

Role of Mist Extractors in Separator Packages

A mistex pad plays a crucial role in the separation of entrained liquids from the gas stream. It typically has a density of around 12 pounds per cubic foot for horizontal separators and about 9 pounds per cubic foot for vertical operation. The density of the mesh enables it to collect any fluid that comes into contact with it, allowing only the vapours to flow through. When the liquid droplets grow in size, they start falling. As a result, only the vapour proceeds forward or upward depending on the orientation of the separator.

According to leading process engineers, the incorrect placement of the mistex pads in a separator can result in serious problems. When placed improperly, liquids may carry over into the gas line, affecting the performance of the equipment. Thus, the correct arrangement of the mesh pads is essential.

Benefits and Applications of a Mistex Pad or Mesh Pad

A mist eliminator has the following advantages:

  • Reduce Loss of Essential Chemicals
    A mesh pad is known to decrease glycol and solvent consumption in separator packages.
  • Improve Throughput Capacity
    It can help increase throughput in the equipment when liquids and gases come into contact.
  • Reduce Contamination
    It can prevent the poisoning of downstream catalysts. It can also provide a boiler feed water quality condensate.
  • Decrease Air Pollution
    A mesh pad helps to minimize the droplet emissions to environmentally acceptable range.
  • Protect the Equipment
    When correctly used, it can help protect the parts of a separator and enhance product quality.
  • Other Benefits
    A mist eliminator is easy to install in all process equipment and the most economical choice when equipment sizes differ.

Mesh pads are widely used for many industrial applications in oil and gas separators, including the following:

  • Inlet Separators
  • Wellsite Separators
  • Glycol Dehydrators
  • Oil Group and Test Separators
  • Free Water Knock-Out Separators
  • Oil Treaters
  • Process Towers and Columns

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