What Should You Consider When Buying a Free Water Knockout?

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Free Water Knockout

A free-water knockout, or a FWKO, is installed when the emulsion streams of oil, water, and gas contains a large quantity of water. It helps to reduce the size of the treater and decrease its fuel consumption.

The selection of a free water knockout typically depends on the desired performance and output. Let’s discuss the essential aspects you need to consider when purchasing it.

  • Things to Consider When Purchasing a Free Water Knockout
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Considerations Before Purchasing a FWKO

Installing a Free Water Knockout

If you are dealing with large amounts of water, it helps to install a FWKO before the treater to help separate and dispose of the non-entrained water from the emulsion.

Managing Corrosion

Corrosion is a crucial consideration when it comes to purchasing a FWKO and processing water. A few ways to protect this equipment against corrosion are as follows:

  • Internal Coatings – can protect the equipment against harmful chemicals such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, and anaerobic bacteria.
  • Cathodic Protection – using anodes can protect against galvanic corrosion.
  • A Combination of Anodes and Coating – is excellent at preventing corrosion on the inside of the FWKO.

Determining the Type of Emulsion

Emulsions are of different categories and can vary from loose to moderate to tight. You can conduct lab tests to determine the specific type of emulsion and the right chemical to inject to help break apart the emulsion. This will help you to decide which kind of FWKO you need to buy because they are designed and created to handle emulsions in different ways.

Choosing Between a Vertical or Horizontal Separator

Horizontal vessels can handle tougher emulsions better and are often used in oil operations. They are useful to treat emulsions that contain water and oil in similar quantities and weigh about the same. Vertical separators are designed to separate looser emulsions.

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