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The ABSA & Pressure Vessels

What is the Alberta Boilers Safety Association?

ABSA & Pressure VesselsCommonly known as the ABSA, the Alberta Boilers Safety Association is an authority that regulates the safety of pressure equipment. It has been authorized by the government of Alberta to ensure public safety and develop standards and programs related to pressure vessels. In addition to this, it is also responsible for certifying power engineers, inspectors, and pressure welders.

Its principal activities include reviewing, accepting, and registering the designs of these vessels, conducting training and safety education programs, maintaining the required records related to pressure equipment, and issuing certificate of inspection permits.

What is a Pressure Vessel?

A pressure vessel is a container that is designed to hold liquid vapours or gases at the required pressure and temperature. It is typically constructed in spherical, cylindrical or conical shapes using carbon steel or stainless steel.

History of Pressure Vessels

The earliest documented equipment resembling a pressure vessel dates back to 1495 in a book by Leonardo da Vinci. Versions similar to the ones that are currently popular can be found in the 1800’s and consisted of boilers generating steam. Between the years 1911 and 1914, the first set of pressure vessel codes was developed to ensure safety standards.

Pressure Vessel Fabrication: Safety & Maintenance Features

This equipment can be quite dangerous to use, which is why safety and maintenance are essential.

Listed below are the fundamental safety and maintenance features:

  • Safety Valves – Also known as a relief valve, it ensures that the pressure does not exceed the specifications, preventing any mishaps due to increased stress.
  • Leak Before Burst – This is a design implementation created so that a flaw in the structure, such as a crack in the wall of the equipment, creates a leak allowing the liquid inside to escape and reduce the overall pressure. This reduces the likelihood that any defect will cause a structural failure.
  • Closures – These allow maintenance personnel to inspect the equipment and are designed to provide them with quick access.

Design of Pressure Vessels

Although the design of the equipment varies with its shape, the minimum mass depends on the volume and pressure required, which is inversely proportional to the material’s strength to weight ratio. The design must scale with the following three essential aspects:

  • The density of the material
  • Maximum allowable stress which determines the radius of the vessel and the thickness of the walls
  • Volume and pressure of the material

Common Uses of Pressure Vessels

They are typically used for oil refining operations and in the petrochemical industry. A few of their applications are as follows:

  • Domestic hot water tanks
  • Compressed air receivers
  • Distillation towers
  • Pressure retractors
  • Nuclear retractor vessels
  • Submarines and spaceships
  • Storage vessels for liquid gases such as chlorine, ammonia, and LPG
  • Passenger cabin of airlines

A Certified Pressure Vessel Design Company

Aspire Energy Resources Inc. is a pressure vessel manufacturing company in Alberta, offering pressure vessel engineering, fabrication, and repairs. We have the required resources and a qualified management team to complete your project as per your requirements from start to finish. Our company has the following certifications:

  • ABSA Registration No.: AOQP-7202
    Qualified to perform testing of machine welding and pressure welders to ensure quality assurance.

  • ABSA Registration No.: AQP-1330
    Qualified to perform the following:

    • Manufacturing, altering and repairing Category A, E, & H Fittings as per the codes in CSA B51.
    • Constructing, altering, or repairing Indirect Fired Heater Coils as per the ASME B31.3 guide.
    • Manufacturing, altering and repairing Pressure Vessels according to the ASME Section VIII-1.

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