Skid Mounted Pump Packages

A skid mounted pump package typically comprises of a complete pumping unit including a pump, a control panel, and a driver such as a diesel engine or an electric motor. A mounting skid forms the base for these parts. This ensemble is a popular option as opposed to purchasing a simple pump.

Features of Pump Packages

A pumping unit has the following characteristics:

  • Skid Mounted Pump PackagesIt runs on different mediums such as gas, diesel, electricity, solar energy, and more.
  • Has a storage tank constructed in cylindrical or rectangular design.
  • Available with the multi-chamber system.
  • Widely used for onshore as well as offshore activities.
  • Available in different sizes.

Components of Pump Skid Packages

The essential parts of a standard unit include the following:

  • A pump that is used to move the required fluids from one place to another by mechanical action.
  • A piping network as per the requirements.
  • An industrial powder-coated and fabricated skid frame typically made of steel.
  • Manual or automatic gate valves.

Uses of Skid Mounted Pumps

The industries which typically use these units include:

  • Oil and gas production
  • Crude oil processing in refineries
  • The petrochemical industry
  • Chemical manufacturing and production
  • Processing of produced water
  • Injection of corrosion inhibitors

Applications of Different Types of Pump Packages

  • Packaged Pump Skids
    They come in various sizes and are used to move fluids and other liquid products in different applications.
  • Water & Wastewater Pump Skids
    The produced water injection pumps are used for water purification, the treatment of wastewater, and rainwater harvesting.
  • Chemical Pump Packages
    They are typically used in the chemical industry to pump, mix, blend, and inject liquids and chemicals.
  • Pulp & Paper Skid Mounted Pumps
    They are widely used in various stages of paper and pulp production. They come with chemical metering and injection component.

Working Principle of Pumps

The fundamental concept that pumps use is based on forces of nature. When the mobile part of the equipment such as the vane and impeller starts moving or rotating, air is pushed out of the way. It creates a partial vacuum which results in low pressure. Due to the pressure difference, water or other fluid fills the void space. The entire process is similar to using a straw to drink.

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