SAGD Process Vessels

Location: Saleski SAGD Pilot Plant, AB

Client: Laricina Energy Ltd.

Aspire built multiple vessels for the Laricina Saleski SAGD Pilot Plant.

  • V-9050 HP Flare Knock-Out Drum (84” ID x 240” S\S)
  • V-1300 Dilbit Gas Boot (78” ID x 192” S\S)
  • V-1050 Inlet Degasser (72” ID x 192” S\S)
  • V-1620 Produced Gas Separator (48” OD x 96” S\S)
  • V-1410 & 1520 Casing Gas Separators (18” OD x 96” S\S)

Scope of work included the design and fabrication of the vessels including ABSA\ASME registration, and PWHT. Vessels V-9050 and V-1300 also included external coating, MI heat tracing, insulating, and ladder & platform fabrication.

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