Oil Inlet Header & Test Separator Building

Location: Norman Wells, NT

Client: Imperial Oil Resources Ltd.

8 Well Manifold Header & Test Separator all mounted on a 20’ wide x 40’ long insulated skid (65 ton). Features 36’ OD x 96’ s/s internally coated, test separator, rotary switching valve, gas measurement with EFM, Red Eye water cut sensor, instrument air compressor and dryer, full SCADA package, complete electrical, heating and ventilation system and environmental skids, all enclosed in a 20’ x 40’ x 10’ (15’ @ peak) gable style building. Included was a detached 20’ wide x 14’ long pig receiving skid. All liquid piping was internally coated. Responsibilities included mechanical and electrical design, and structural, vessel, piping, building, electrical and instrumentation construction.

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