Meter Packages, The AER, and The BC OGC

What is the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)?

The AER is a corporation in Alberta that regulates and mandates the Responsible Energy Development Act (REDA). They ensure the development and provision of energy resources in the province in an efficient, safe, and orderly way. They also help by conserving and allocating water resources, public lands, and ensuring environmental protection.

Meter Packages, The AER, and The BC OGCMeter Packages, The AER, and The BC OGC

The AER has been granted authority by the Government of Alberta to review and make decisions and oversee all the aspects of energy resource activities including the pipeline network, operation wells, oil and gas facilities, coal mines, thermal oil sands, and the infrastructure of oil and gas reserves.

What is the BC Oil and Gas Commission (BC OGC)?

The BC OGC was established in the year 1998 under the Oil and Gas Commission Act. It regulates the oil and gas pipelines infrastructure and related activities by and for British Columbia. This crown corporation acts as an agent of the government, with the Minister of Finance as its fiscal head.

Its main purpose is to regulate activities regarding the fossil fuels, petroleum industry, hydrocarbon exploration, natural gas processing, oil pipelines, and oil and gas dwelling to ensure efficient and safe practices, conserve oil and gas resources, and guide their owners to participate in the production of shared pools of gas and oil in a fair and equitable way.

What is a Meter Run?

Meter Packages, The AER, and The BC OGCAlso known as meter packages, meter runs are used to measure small flow rates, usually where high accuracy is required. They are designed in a way to provide maximum accuracy of meters in pipework by keeping the flow in upstream and downstream oil and gas systems smooth and constant.

They are an arrangement that comprises of an orifice meter, or plate, with upstream and downstream pipes and flanges. It is designed and curated to suit different lengths of pipelines, configurations, and connection specifications by using the flow meter technology proven to meet all industry standards.

What is an Orifice Meter?

An orifice meter is a type of flow meter that is used to measure the flow rate, reduce pressure, or restrict the flow of a gas or liquid. It consists of an inlet section, an orifice plate which is a thin plate with a hole in it, and an outlet section, and is generally made of stainless steel. It is economical and requires little space for installation.

They are typically used to measure the flow rate in pipes with fluids that are in single-phase, and not a mixture of gases and liquids.

Metering & Regulation (M&R) Stations

The M&R stations are a vital aspect of an oil and gas system. They provide control and the required information regarding the quality and quantity of the liquids and gases for the pipeline system, similar to a toll booth. They are delivered based on specific requirements and depending on the flow capacity requirement they can be with one or more pipelines.

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