Hub and Clamp Connector

What is a Hub and Clamp Connector?

A hub and clamp connector is an alternate method to traditional ASME B16.5 pipe flanges for connecting pipe spool joints to each other or other equipment. This metal-to-metal sealed connector is reliable and easy-to-assemble.

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The hub and clamp joint consists of the following components:

  • Two hubs
  • Two clamps
  • One seal ring
  • Eight nuts
  • Four studs

It is used in meter packages, particularly the orifice meters. An orifice plate is a commonly used component in the connector.

Design & Construction

Welding of Components
In standard equipment, the hubs are welded to the pipe with a seal installed. Bolts are used to tighten the clamps. This provides superior strength and prevents leaks.

Placement of Bolts & Seal Ring
The bolts are placed perpendicularly to the axis of the pipe, which prevents them from receiving direct pressure loads and helps to avoid bending. The seal ring in the equipment resembles the shape of a ‘T’ in cross-section and is used to seal the connector.

The design of the connector helps to:

  • Provide higher strength at a fraction of the seal size and weight
  • Withstand higher tensile loads
  • Reduce bolting torque
  • Allow proper seating of the seal

Advantages of Using Hub & Clamp Connectors

  • Simple Connection – As compared to the conventional flanges, only four bolts are required to install.
  • Lighter & Smaller – Hub and clamp connectors are around 80% lighter than standard ASME B16.5 flanges, and they use significantly less space.
  • Reduce Downtime – They can be assembled or dismantled quickly with fewer bolts, thus helping to reduce the downtime.
  • Economical Solution – A hub and clamp connector is affordable and can help reduce the total cost of installation.
  • Leak-Free – It helps to withstand temperature and load variations and ensures leak-free operation when correctly installed.

Uses & Applications of Hub & Clamp Connectors

The hub and clamp joint is used in piping systems that require high integrity seals in applications involving erosive, corrosive, high pressure and temperature, and cyclic conditions. In addition to this, they are also used in compressors, manifolds, pumps, pipeline pig closures and valves. Some manufacturers are also certified to supply hub and clamp connectors for pressure vessel nozzles.

Selecting a Hub & Clamp Connector

The following specifications are required to choose the right hub and clamp joint:

  • Maximum service temperature and pressure
  • The engineering standards or industry code, ASME VIII, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, or more specific for your project
  • The size of the pipe
  • ID and OD of the weld end
  • Your piping material requirements

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