Glycol Dehydration Units – Design & Packages

Glycol Dehydration Units - Design & PackagesRaw natural gas, when obtained from a reservoir, is saturated with water vapour. The industries typically use a dehydration process consisting of glycol dehydrators to remove water and water vapours from natural gas and natural gas liquids, or NGL. This helps to prevent corrosion, limit the formation of hydrates, and maximize the efficiency of the pipeline. Glycols commonly used include diethylene glycol, tetraethylene glycol, ethylene glycol, or triethylene glycol (TEG).

All dehydration units typically consist of a separator to remove any solids or condensed liquids that might be present in the gas, a chimney tray through which the gas flows, absorber where the water and vapours get absorbed, and a reboiler column where the glycol is regenerated.

Design Considerations of Glycol Dehydration Skid Units

The following two considerations are essential:

  • The Diameter of the Unit
    The diameter of the units should be large enough to have sufficient space between the liquid and gas phases. When the gas flows up, the droplets of glycol should be allowed to fall. This is why the tower must have an ideal diameter which is determined based on the maximum superficial velocity of the gas in the unit and the required temperature.
  • The Length of the Unit
    The height is ascertained by:

    • The space between the trays
    • The number of stages in the package
    • The correlation between the number of trays and the height

In addition to these two aspects, there should be space above the top-most tray and the bottom tray to separate glycol and gas. Also, a mesh pad made of stainless steel should be present at the top of the unit to remove any vapour mist leaving the tower.

Description of Glycol Dehydrators

A glycol dehydration package can incorporate the following depending on your requirements:

  • High-efficiency inlet oil separators to remove oil from upstream compression
  • Vessels with bubble cap trays
  • Highly efficient mist eliminators to reduce the loss of glycol
  • A glycol regenerator using an electric immersion heater or a directly fired firetube
  • Gas or electric driven glycol pumps
  • Units made of stainless steel to dehydrate acid gas streams when required

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