Free Water Knock-Out Separator

Location: Windy Lake, AB

Client: Husky Energy Inc.

One of most unique and challenging projects. This project involved reactivating a surplus vessel from the Client’s inventory that was still in the middle of an active plant. The first phase of the project was to dismantle the roof of the building that the vessel was in, remove the vessel, repair the building, and remove all the old piping. The vessel was then transported to Aspire’s shop where all the stainless steel internals were replaced, additional nozzles added, and the vessel internally and externally coated.
Our engineering responsibilities included engineering of the P&ID, line schedule, and electrical systems. Design of the vessel modifications and ABSA registration, piping plans & elevations, skid structural designs, instrument and electrical equipment sizing and procurement. Drafting responsibilities included 3D model, complete piping, structural and electrical drawings.

Our fabrication responsibilities included vessel repairs and alterations, instrument bridles, stainless steel vessel internals, structural skid, pipe fabrication, hydro testing, sandblasting & coating, building erection, electrical & instrumentation installation, and insulating.

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