Everything You Need to Know About Flame Arresters

A flame arrester, as the name suggests, is a device used to stop a flame from entering into an atmosphere where combustible gases may be present and prevent explosions. Gas-based equipment and appliances such as glycol dehydrators and indirect line heaters often use flame arresters. Flame arresters are also used in-line of a flare header just before the flare stack.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Flame Arresters
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How Does a Flame Arrester Work?

  • Flame arresters consist of screens, perforated plates, and slots that are enclosed in a frame. The case helps to absorb the heat of a flame and extinguish it.
  • A standard flame arrester has many small tubes that help to produce the required venting capacity while preventing the passage of flame.
  • It works on the principle that the speed of the flame decreases with the reduction in the diameter of the pipe.
  • When the pipe has a very small diameter, regardless of flame speed, it is possible to prevent the passage of flame completely.

What is the Function of a Flame Arrester?

A flame arrester is commonly used for the following purposes:

  • Prevent an open fire from spreading
  • Confine the flame within an enclosed location
  • Protect volatile mixtures and chemicals from igniting
  • Stop an explosive event from spreading to other areas
  • Stop the flame travelling at a subsonic speed

Common Applications of Flame Arresters

They are often used with:

  • Line heaters, glycol dehydrator reboilers, and process heaters
  • Fuel storage tanks
  • Storage cabinets for paint, and other flammable substances

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