The Alberta Energy Regulator

The Alberta Energy RegulatorThe Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) was formed as an Alberta corporation under the Responsible Energy Development Act in the year 2013 with the aim of improving the efficiency of energy regulatory systems. It helps to ensure the efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible development and use of oil, natural gas, oil sands, and coal resources. It also manages public lands, conserves and allocates water resources, and safeguards the environment while providing economic benefits to the people.

Responsibilities of the Alberta Energy Regulator

The AER is responsible for energy development in Alberta as well as for managing and monitoring the life cycle of oil, natural gas, coal, and oil sands projects in the region. It makes decisions regarding the following:

  • Energy development in Alberta
  • Compliance, execution, and monitoring of the rules and regulations
  • Closure of projects regarding energy development
  • Other essential aspects of energy development under the jurisdiction of the authority
  • Mediate conflicts regarding the projects

In addition to this, the AER regulates the following:

  • Operating wells in Alberta
  • Pipelines connecting the wells in the region
  • Gas, oil, oil sands, and crude oil facilities in the province
  • Coal mines and processing plants in the region

Structure of the AER

The Alberta Energy Regulator uses a corporate-style organization structure consisting of the following:

  • Board of Directors – Determines the general direction of work in the organization.
  • Chairman – Head of the the board. Is responsible for establishing performance expectations and any regulatory changes.
  • Chief Executive Officer – Looks after the day-to-day operations.
  • Hearing Commissioners – Independent adjudicators responsible for conducting hearings as far as energy applications and regulatory issues are concerned.

Alberta Energy Regulator, Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources, & BC Oil & Gas Commission

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources is the regulatory authority for the oil and gas industry in the province.

The BC OGC is a regulatory authority similar to the AER established to control and monitor oil and gas activities and pipelines in the province of British Columbia.

The AER and the BC OGC have a partnership to enhance energy resource allocation and usage in Alberta and British Columbia. Building on a strong relationship, the BC OGC and AER explore opportunities to share the best practices as well as other significant information. In addition to this, they have also established a specific notification or informing process, and coordinated responses if any incidents occur near the border of British Columbia and Alberta. They also compare results from industry inspections to improve compliance of the standards.

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